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PaladinModerate Apply
RangerHigh Apply
RogueModerate Apply
Shadow KnightModerate Apply
ShamanHigh Apply
WarriorModerate Apply
WizardLow Apply
Welcome to the guild website for

Karmic Liberation

(an Everquest guild on the Vox server)

Karmic Liberation is intended to provide a casual, organized, and friendly atmosphere for members to pursue EQ fun and progression.  We plan to take down various targets of value from each expansion as we continue to develop our characters' levels and AA's (rather than just race to the endgame).  This will include the acquisition of the items, abilities, and statistic (resists) rewards that remain of high value from the time of their acquisition through to the endgame.  As a casual guild, it is with this attitude that we will approach progression, always with an eye on friendliness, cohesion, and organization; while preserving our positive reputation, whether we are raiding, grouping, or soloing.

Feel free to examine our public spaces on this website, or Join by clicking above.

All applicants to the guild must use the name of their main character when registering.

Maerlyn_The Wizard

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Officer & Warrior Class Leader
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